Leaving Hometown

Today I’ll like to write about migration. This topic awakes my attention under any circumstance because I happen to know many people that have moved from one place to another. I know for a fact that moving away from home is not easy at all. We leave behind our family, friends, lovers, jobs and so many things. It takes a lot of courage to take this decision, pack your bags and leave. Going to a new place, make new friends and have new experiences sounds so exciting because it seems like an adventure. Just imagine moving to The City of Light or The Big Apple, where you’ll find so many astonishing museums, buildings and people. All the experiences you’ll have on a daily basis will be extraordinary.

But have you ever wonder what happens if you fail to adapt or to find the dream job or just don’t like the city’s personality at all? These scenarios come handy when you have to make a balance between comfort and challenge. As I wrote before, moving is not easy. I was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico and I still live in this beautiful city, but a few years ago I also lived the experience of moving far away and I moved from my hometown to a smaller city. What happened next? I came back. I failed to adapt. I hated the city where I lived in, couldn’t adapt to the rhythm of life and I certainly did not enjoyed my job. Despite the fact that it was a great opportunity in my life, personally and professionally. After, 4 years of coming back to Monterrey, I still wonder from now an then what did I do wrong.

For those who don’t know me, my husband is from Venezuela. After two years of being in a serious relationship, he took a plane and left his country for Mexico, or more accurate, for Monterrey. He left everything he knew behind. He got a new job, new friends and new family. But I know that it was not an easy decision for him to make and it is still hard for him to learn every day that his family and friends are away. So, why did he habituate so quickly? Monterrey is a great city. We have great food, lovely people, a lot of job opportunities but it has also many flaws. There is not enough openness in Monterrey natives when it comes to new people or ideas getting into their social circles. Although it is still evolving, there is a lot of prejudice against foreign people. So, yeah, I admit it, Monterrey is not an easy city to move in and adapt.

Then again, how does anyone can move to a complete city or country or CONTINENT and still feel like they are at home? I believe that creating all over again your family is the key to success. I failed to have a family of my own when I moved away. I believe that is the reason I never remodel myself to the new place. I did not have anyone to share my new experiences and challenges with. Although I did had friends, there are only a few who I still have any true relationship with. And I don’t mean getting married and having children when mentioning family, I mean having friends and making a bond so close to you and so intimate, they can be called brothers or sisters, mom or dad. Pick a person that can comprehend your issues without any judgement in between. Pick someone else who can back you up when any problem comes along. Pick a friend that listens -and laughs- even to the stupidest joke you tell.  Pick a friend that no matter what happens he or she will be there for you, in sickness and in health, for better, for worse, until afterlife comes along and you keep sharing your life.


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